• Body Fat % Challenge Winner 2014

    Body Fat % Challenge Winner 2014

    A HUGE Congratulations to Jonathan Miller the winner of the 2014 Body Fat% Challenge

    His grit and determination got him through with fantastic results, he lost 7 kg (15.4 lbs), 5.5 inches and 4.86% Body fat in 6 weeks

    Here’s what Jonathan had to say about his experience:

    Thanks again for creating such an engaging and rewarding Fitness and Nutritional programme for me. I was expecting to be worked hard and I wasn’t disappointed however I have been astounded with the results we have achieved together. The combination of the right exercise regime with the right nutrition to compliment my efforts has really exceeded expectations. While I was expecting weight loss and reduction in inches, I  was never expecting the bonus improvement in general demeanor and mood. I’ve been fit in the past however no level of fitness has ever allowed me to enjoy such a relaxed and calm frame of mind before, what a great result.

    Meeting you in the gym on a regular basis throughout this journey has been invaluable for keeping the motivation going, fine tuning my technique on exercises and answering nutritional questions as they have come up.

    Well done and thank you very much.