• Sugar Crash Programme RTE

    Sugar Crash Programme RTE

    Just getting to watch this fantastic programme on the EFFECT’S OF SUGAR by Dr. Ava!! if you haven’t seen it please watch it in order to improve your health and your families health.
    I would love this programme to be shown in all schools and as many facilities as possible, to help raise awareness to excess sugar consumption in Ireland and to help educate all individuals on the health risks of sugar.
    Sugar is not needed in out diet in any form, the World Health Organisation have capped sugar to 6tsp for an adult 25g per day. Clients that see me are often consuming several times this amount!
    All my clients who have reduce sugar intake have felt the benefits very quickly, increased energy, elimination of any crash’s (the afternoon slump), improved sleep quality, digestive and inflammatory issues improved / eliminated. A huge reduction in stress, depression & anxiety, improved ability to exercise and of course better results when training.
    All health symptoms improved and a reduction in GP/ hospital visits.
    Please keep an eye on what you are putting into your mouth! Sugar is addictive in all its forms!!
    Make a stand, avoid process and packeted foods. Read labels, you are responsible for your health!
    You are worth making the effort for!