• Nicola… October 2013 Client of the month

    Nicola… October 2013 Client of the month

    I started my journey to fitness two years ago. My aim was to lose weight and become fit. I had tried every diet known to man in an effort to shed a few pounds and would lose weight in the short term but would ultimately gain the weight back with a few extra pounds on top.

    I met Joanne at a pilates class and decided to lose weight with Joanne as my trainer. I worked hard with her twice a week doing a variety of training programmes that were tailored to my needs containing strength training, plyometrics, pilates and much needed cardio to name a few. On top of the programs I received excellent nutritional help to balance my new fitter style. I have dropped over two stone, I am down to a size 10 and what’s more the weight is staying off. I signed up to the rathfarnham 5k run and completed it in under 30 minutes. My overall attitude to exercise has changed for the better. I am a happier and healthier person and enjoy the more fit me. Thank you Joanne for your support and encouragement over the last two years.