Nutritional coaching sessions are vital for the the performance of specific sports professionals, teams and people who train hard on a functional and weekly basis.

Many of us know what healthy is and just need a guide in the correct direction with meal idea’s and planning strategies in order to get the most form training.

Nutritional Coaching is a 60 minute session with individualised healthy nutritional and hydration instructions, calorie information and idea’s in how to incorporate lean meal’s into your lifestyle at different stages of your training.

Specific for athletes and or amateur competitors and team sports.

Great nutritional input equals great energy output and great results!

If you have any health issues i.e. digestive, hormonal, immune a full nutritional therapy consultation will be required.


Consultations costs vary on specific requirements

Please note there is a 48 hour cancellation policy, please be sure to notify me in good time if you wish to re-scheduled an appointment or a full charge will be applied.