• Sean Brosnan…. May 2013 Client of the Month

    Sean Brosnan…. May 2013 Client of the Month

    Sean came to me originally for pilates, he has kyphosis and scoliosis so it is vital that he keeps his back strong and flexible in order to minimise further curvature of his spine. He is a professional photographer, so he needs to stay strong to carry the heavy equipment and limber to make sure he can get those important shots! He approached me nearly a year ago to try out some personal training sessions and has been doing two 30 minutes sessions since then and his own programme once to twice per week. With a combination of cardio, resistance and flexibility training along with healthy eating he has dropped a lot of weight and body fat, toned up and he is standing straighter. He is much fitter and stronger now. He has been determined and he has lost a substantial amount of body fat, for this reason he has been awarded this month’s client of the month.

    Sean is a pleasure to work with and always try’s his hardest. Well done Sean great work, I’ll look forward to seeing more great work from you in the future.

    Also if anyone is looking for a great photographer I would highly recommend him www.pixillume.com